Since May 2008, the Institute of Conflict Management at the European University Viadrina provides scientific monitoring to the RT. Prof. Dr. Lars Kirchhoff, Prof. Dr. Ulla Gläßer, LL.M., Dr. Felix Wendenburg and their colleagues develop practice-oriented formats for scientific background analyses and accompanying studies.

A third study of PwC and Viadrina on the topic of “Conflict Management: From the elements to the system” was published in spring 2011. This study outstandingly captures and analyses initiatives of single conflict management elements and systematizes them in the “Viadrina-component model of a conflict management system”.

The results of a qualitative study on the cross-cutting themes “controlling, quality assurance and costs of conflict management systems” meanwhile are being incorporated into the fourth study of PwC and Viadrina which is expected to be published in autumn 2013.

These topics have also been extensively discussed at a conference to be held on 25th and 26th of October 2012 at Bucerius Law School and the European University Viadrina.

Further information about the study series “Conflict Management in the Economy” (European University Viadrina/ PricewaterhouseCoopers) which has been started in 2005 are available here:

Study Commercial Dispute Resolution 2005
Follow-up study Commercial Dispute Resolution 2007
Study Conflict Management – From components to the system 2011

For information about the accompanying conference series “Conflict Management in a Business Context” of Bucerius Law School/ European University Viadrina in cooperation with
Lovells, PwC, Siemens, SAP and E.ON please click on the following links:

Conference report Conflict Management II
Conference report Conflict Management III
Conference report Conflict Management IV

The second volume of the publication series “Interdisciplinary Studies of Mediation and Conflict Management” will be published by Nomos Verlag in autumn 2013. Under the title “Approaches, Models and Systems of Conflict Management in the Business Context”, various forms of conflict management are presented and critically reflected. Numerous articles by RT members contribute to the variety of different perspectives.