The following overview gives a summary of the structure and working process of the RTMKM:

Vision/Mission: Substantive basis and point of reference of the RT are represented by the jointly developed vision and mission.

Contribution: The group of involved people is structurally composed of a) active members b) occasionally attending guests and c) a circle of interested companies who regularly obtain information on the activities of the RTMKM without (at this point in time) attending the meetings.

Target group: The offer of the RT is directed at people involved with conflict management in companies, especially deputies of legal and personnel divisions. Each company may send up to two persons to the RT, while different divisions of each company shall be represented in order to stimulate the interconnectedness.

Meetings: The RT quarterly organizes a one day presence meeting. The meetings take place at one of the participating companies. Travelling and accommodation expenses are born by the participants. Infrastructure and catering are offered by the hosting company.

Working committees: In between of the presence meetings the substantive work of the RT is pursued by currently seven specialized working committees as well as the continuously operating strategy team. Each working committee designates one spokesperson (and his deputy) who ensures that all results are documented in the RT network and that each of the telephone conferences in preparation of the meetings are attended by one of the committee members. During the presence meetings the committees´ spokesmen give a short overview of the current work and encourage where required essential plenary decision-making of the results compiled by the committee.

You can find current information about the working committees of the RTMKM here.